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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. When can my visitors come?

Visiting hours are very flexible, we try to accommodate resident and family needs wherever possible. Visiting hours generally commence at 9:00am and extend to 8:00pm in the evening. However, visiting hours may be extended depending on residents’ and families needs. If visiting outside normal hours, you are requested to keep noise to a minimum.

2. Am I able to leave the home on occasions?

Yes, you are able to leave for outings with family or friends any day. You are allowed 52 overnight stays per calendar year.

3. Can I have my doctor visit me?

Yes, you can ask your current doctor if they will continue to see you at Homewood Care, or you can choose from a list of GPs who currently attend Homewood Care. It is your responsibility to arrange for ongoing medical care by a general practitioner prior to entering the home.

4. What activities are available?

Carole, Kim, Tara, Nina, Ranjita and Michelle arrange a weekly activity program. Some examples of activities regularly enjoyed include bingo, art & craft, reminiscence and games. We come up with new activities to try out and the activity calendar is changed every week.

5. Are the meals cooked on the premises?

All meals are freshly cooked in our kitchen. Our menu is developed in consultation with a Dietitian to ensure the highest standard of nutrition.

6. Is physiotherapy available?

All residents are assessed by a qualified physiotherapist and an individual care plan is developed based on the assessed care need on admission. The physiotherapy plan is then managed by a physiotherapy aide and the care staff. The care plan is evaluated every three months and the residents are reviewed three monthly or as required.

7. Am I able to have a telephone in my room?

Yes, telephones can be arranged with the administration staff. The cost of the phone calls is added to the monthly account.