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Admission help – you’ll feel at home here

Admission Overview

Steps towards Admission

To enter aged care you will need to have an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment attended, this may be referred to as a 3020. This assessment determines whether you will require high care respite, permanent admission or dementia specific accommodation. Your doctor or social worker may have arranged an assessment for you. If you wish to arrange an ACAT assessment, you will need to contact an aged care assessment team.

The ACAT will then make an appointment to visit you (at home or in hospital) to conduct the assessment. The ACAT member/s will ask you questions about your daily living activities and the help you require or have in place. They’ll also want to talk about your general state of health and specific health conditions. Information will be gathered to help them work out how much and what level of care you need. They may also talk to your doctor about your medical history. When all of the information is collected they will explain their decisions and give you a copy of their completed assessment.

This assessment tells you what type of services you’re eligible and approved for. You will be provided with information about all the services that may be available in your local area. You should keep a copy of the assessment.

The next step is for you or your family to visit the local facilities. If you like Homewood, leave a copy of your assessment and contact details. You will be provided with a booklet called “A request for an income and asset assessment”. You may complete this booklet while you are waiting for a place. Download the request for an Assets Assessment Form and Accompanying information booklet.

You will need to contact your local doctor to see if he/she will continue your care. If they are unavailable, you will be given a list of GP’s to choose from. This is important, as your doctor is part of the care team and a medication chart needs to be available on admission. Your doctor is an important member of the care team, regular reviews of your care will be attended by the doctor.