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daily life

Daily Life

At Homewood Care we promote a philosophy of balance and well being in an individual’s life. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer a comprehensive range of activities that are complimentary to all residents.

Daily Activities

Our expert therapy staff will introduce you to a new holistic approach to exercise that will boost your fitness and uplift your soul. No matter what your level of fitness, we will tailor-make our programs to meet your particular needs. We’ll make sure that exercise is a safe, stimulating and enjoyable part of your stay at Homewood Care. Some of the activities you may enjoy while at Homewood Care:

  • Tai Chi
  • Exercise to music
  • Walking program
  • Exercises for the brain
  • Wii bowling, tennis or boxing
  • Art Therapy
  • Theraputic massage
  • Bocce
  • Outings to local clubs and community groups

There is a Hairdresser and Beautician who will assist you with all your beauty needs, there is an additional charge for these services.

Food to satisfy the soul

At Homewood we serve a mouth-watering menu of wholesome and flavoursome dishes. Our meals are designed to be tasty but are also built on sound health principles. A dietitian reviews and updates our summer and winter menu annually to ensure the menu will impact positively on your health and wellbeing.

Three delicious meals

We believe a healthy breakfast is vital for supplying the energy needed to get through the day. At Homewood Care, our healthy breakfasts offer a wide variety of choice with fresh produce available on a daily basis.

Lunchtime at Homewood Care is a great opportunity to sit down and enjoy our homemade dishes. If you are a dessert lover you’ll revel in the variety of sweet treats on offer you’ll be amazed how good low GI desserts can taste!

Our evening meal is a light tasty meal with a homemade soup for starters. After the evening meal, coffee, tea, herbal tea or milo are served to enhance your sleep. Between meals there are snacks, fruit and cool drinks for your enjoyment.